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December 26-29, 2017

Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary

Tacay Rd. Guisad, Baguio City

We are not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God made real bringing humanity unto salvation. Such was Paul’s declaration and conviction in his life that it made a lasting and global impact for Christ, for God’s renown, and for the salvation of millions upon millions and generation upon generation.

GOSPEL FOCUS. We want to help raise up young men and women who will dig deep into the Gospel, and allow God’s word to change their lives, their thought processes, and their actions radically. We are calling for the youth of our churches to invest in Gospel knowledge, to spend time learning about Jesus, and to allow the Holy Spirit to saturate their lives. We need a generation who will defend the primacy of Christ and the Gospel in our churches, and not settle for “easy” strategies and ministries with no real Gospel impact.

GOSPEL AMBITION. Coupled with this focus on Gospel truth, our hearts need to be broken for the generations out there in the world who do not know Christ. A life led by the Gospel is bound to be an uncomfortable and inconvenient life, but we are calling for young men and women – youth leaders who are not afraid to risk their lives for Jesus. As we are saturated by the Gospel, this Gospel knowledge should propel us into the world to share the Christ that we know and to bring worship to his name.

As you grow deeper into the Gospel, we pray that your ambition for Christ’s renown grows as well. The Gospel does not end with just knowing it, but it extends to the paths that you take in life and the decisions that you make. They will either be for Christ of for yourself. With this December’s youth leadership camp, iDISCIPLE is calling for us to go DEEPER + WIDER – deeper into the Gospel, wider into the world.

Romans 15:20 - It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation.


David Crim

Gospel Depths: An Ambition to Go Deep into the Glories of the Gospel.

Ed Canlas

Gospel Purity: An Ambition to Guard the Gospel Against the Gangrene of False Gospels.

Jeff Ramos

Gospel Consistency: An Ambition to Keep Our Conduct in Step with the Gospel.

John Hofileña

Gospel Breadth: An Ambition to Make Disciples in the Campus & Workplaces.

Derick Parfan

Gospel Fluency: An Ambition to be Gospel Fluent People.

Franco Ferrer

Gospel Worship: Paul’s Holy Ambition for All the Peoples to Praise Christ.

Joachim Dompor

Dec 27 Morning Devotion: 1 John 1:1-4

Christopher Ferrer

Dec 28 Morning Devotion: 1 John 1:5-10

Arvin Jay Sumalbag

Dec 29 Morning Devotion: 1 John 2:1-6


Understanding & Interpreting the Word

John Hofileña

If the Bible is God’s primary way of revealing Himself to us, we must make sure that we are able to understand and interpret the Word as we read it on a day-to-day basis. We must learn the nuances of language, context, and culture so that we will be able to apply the Word correctly and powerfully in our lives.

Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

Jeff Ramos

God created us for his glory to advance the Gospel – with the gifts, talents, and opportunities he gave us. We need to learn how to connect the Gospel story with our story, and how to talk about that story in normal conversations with people you know. No gimmicks, no tricks, no freaking out. Your story embedded in Jesus’s story – in meaningful conversations.

Preparing Students for Post Truth Culture

Rara Aguja

In a time where one version of truth is as valid as the next one, how can students stand up for the truth in the Gospel? Learn to dive deep into the truth of the Gospel so that you will be able to answer questions that seek to clarify what Jesus is all about. Learn the Gospel so that we will be able to stand our ground in the rock that is the Gospel.

Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching

Ed Canlas

There is a bigger responsibility for those who are called to teach and preach the Gospel. We have to make sure that we are grounded in the Word, and centered on God’s glory when we speak in pulpits and lead Bible studies. Our teaching and preaching needs to make God glorious and big, and not ourselves or our organizations.

Disciples Making Disciples

David and Cindy Crim

Learn how to create a disciple-making culture in your churches and youth organizations. The strength and ability of the church to have an impact across generations is bound in the people’s willingness to obey Jesus in making disciples. Start with yourself, and see God work in your life and in others.

Discipling the City (Campus & Workplace)

Franco Ferrer

Jesus’s command to make disciples transcends our natural callings to be employees, students, and citizens. As we live in our towns and cities, as we study in our schools, as we work in our offices – we are still called to make disciples. Learn how to deal with the challenges of making disciples as you work and study in our daily lives.

Discipling Young Women

Pauline Ferrer and Kali Hofileña

We often neglect to talk about it, but there are unique and distinct challenges in discipling young women. Learn to acknowledge these unique issues, and dig into the Gospel on how Jesus speaks to these issues -- even and especially in women. Be encouraged by other young women as you seek the Lord and fight together with other women.

Recovering Redemption: Gospel Centered Recovery

Derick Parfan

How does one help someone who is physically or emotionally hurting? How do you minister to others who are suffering by bringing the Gospel to them? Our churches need to learn and re-learn the ministry of recovery and reconciliation, or ministering to the ones who are hurting. But everything must be centered on Christ and the Gospel, allowing his grace to heal and restore.

Discovering Church Planting

Uziel Idurot

How do we plant churches? What is the Gospel’s central role in planting churches that multiply and make disciples? Learn to look at the Gospel foundations of church planting, to make sure that the solid rock of Christ and his Gospel is the one we are building our church and future churches on.

Mobilizing & Equipping the Next Gen for Missions

Kim and Jeff Cruse

How do we get the youth of our churches involved in missions? What can the youth do to help further missions? Learn to ask the right questions and push our youth organizations to look at missions the way Christ did. Let us get ourselves and the youth in our churches involved in sending missionaries and going to missions ourselves.

Reaching & Ministering to Muslim Communities

Glenn Achivar

As we live in a world that is more and more connected, being in contact with Muslims and followers of Islam become more and more of a daily reality. How do we reach out to people with these beliefs? Learn to do this in a gracious and Gospel-centered way, in a workshop led by people who are reaching out to Muslims daily.

Helping Without Hurting: Engaging the Poor with the Gospel

Fred & Mimi Dunggagon

In our country, poverty is real, and there are literally millions of people who live below the poverty line. The church can sometimes get it wrong when we reach out to people in poverty. How do we help them without hurting them? How do we help poor people without substituting material help for the Gospel that they need?


DAY 1 - December 26


DAY 2 - December 27


DAY 3 - December 28


DAY 4 - December 29



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