Worship & Music

Gospel Shaped Worship

Maker Kashung (India)

Writing God-Centered Songs for the Local Church

Kyei Han Ko (USA/Korea)

The Power of the Congregation through the Music and Words

Aroko Nagi (India)

Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

Reaching and Discipling Millennials

David Gabriel Lim (Singapore)

Campus Ministry – Reaching, Training & Discipling Students

John Hofilena (Philippines)

Love, Life & Relationships

Samuel Bontha (India)

Counter Culture: Following Christ in Today's Anti-Christian Culture

Anthony Dela Fuente

Fight Clubs: Creating Gospel-Centered Communities in the Church

Japhet Indico (Philippines)

Finding Jesus in the texts of the Bible

Howard Cham (Philippines)

Reason for God: Preparing the Youth for Post-Truth Culture

Christine Redwood (Australia)

Leadership & Mentoring

Servanthood Leadership

Ardi Wiridianata (Indonesia)

Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching

Edwin Lam (Singapore)

Empowering the Youths to its Potential

Zauk Sang (Myanmar)

Training Disciplemakers

David and Cindy Crim (USA/Philippines)

Engaging and Leading Youths in the Life of the Local Church

YHanh Rmah (Vietnam)

Preparing Emerging Leaders

Vee Tetseo (Japan)

Mission & Evangelism

The Gospel is for Everybody

Raph Garay (USA)

Dance Ministry

Hana Furukawa (Japan)

The Damascus Road Experience

Edwin Karwur (Indonesia)

Sharing Christ in the Marketplace

Alexander Lukman (Indonesia)

Internet/Media Evangelism

Mamiya Matsumura (Okinawa, Japan)

T4T Discipleship to Church Planting

Rocky Moriano (Philippines)

Advocacy & Social Justice

Sex Trafficking: Rescuing Teenagers

Meryll Sarco (Philippines)

The Gospel at Work: Art and Media for Social Change

Tiakumzuk (India)

Ministering to the Marginals

Ronnie Chiu & Feraz Baclagon Legita (Philippines)

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