Book Review: Humble Calvinism by Jeff Medders

Humble Calvinism is a call for all Calvinist to bow down to humility. As believers of the doctrine of grace, we have the tendency to puff ourselves in front of Arminians and sadly to unbelievers. Rather that have that attitude and because we have the biblical truth, we must clothe ourselves with utmost humility that the God of the doctrine of grace may magnified through a holy attitude. Medder’s didn’t have to take the readers any where else to see humility. He points them to the 5 points of Calvinism itself as the basis of such attitude. The 5 points screams meekness for the believers and Medders gladly discusses it in every chapter.  You can feel that every points or TULIP acrostics pounds you back to earth and makes you gaze up to look upon God’s goodness.

In the introduction and initial chapter are fast paced as it sets up the case of humility for the Calvinist. Medders shows his witty writings. However, it slows down a bit as Medders unpacks the 5 points. Medders is on serious mode in the following chapters but not that heavy or dark. Just light seriousness not a thundering one. Very different from the other books he authored.

Nevertheless, J. A. Medders is such a wordsmith that he nails every points at the same time ignites your mind of the readers. The opening chapter already grabs our attention. He is an effective communicator that you should not let him escape from your radar. In Humble Calvinism, he really did a fine job getting those words that sometimes are hard for us to come up with. His reservoir of words spills out from these pages and makes you wait to flood to the next book he’ll be writing. In Humble Calvinism, you can pick up lots of one liners in the book that you can post on your social media that will strike your friends. Those one liners are gems found in a treasure chest of a book like this.

This book reminds me of Killing Calvinism by Greg Dutcher and Graciousness by John Crotts. All books are faithful reminder that we should lay down our arrogance and handle the doctrine with care. Each books have their own way and time on conveying the cage stage problem.

Isn’t a coincidence that this book will be released this year as we celebrate the 400th year of the Synod of Dort and 10th year of the “Young, Restless and Reformed” movement? Let it be a constant reminder that in any time in history, Christian should be reminded of the grace of God that saved us sinners. Humble Calvinism is an antidote for the cage stage and a refreshing water to the dreary Christians who are tired of seeing Calvinism as a dry, lifeless slab of stone but a living, active energy that is contagious.

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Featured Photo by Kyle Sunderland on Unsplash