Living A Life Distinct From The World

Is God holy? And what does that mean for us if he is? If he is not, then it seems that we can do whatever we want because how we live does not matter in the long run. But HE IS HOLY! The Bible declares his holiness from end to end.

This conference aims to unpack several key Bible passages about the holiness of God and what that means for his chosen people — the Church. We will also look at the Gospel and its implications for Christians who are called to pursue Christ-likeness in their lives.

We are inviting pastors, preachers, church and ministry leaders, church workers, young professionals, and college students to join us on these dates for 11 plenary sessions and 12 breakout modules. Let us all be equipped not only to teach and preach these difficult but glorious implications of the Gospel, but also that we might ourselves be sanctified through the Word of Truth.

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Featured Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

iDISCIPLE Philippines Administrator

iDISCIPLE Philippines exists to bring glory to God by making gospel-centered disciples of all nations, starting with the youth, younger leaders and pastors in the Philippines.