Biblical Theology Workshop

As we continue to help equip local churches, iDISCIPLE will continue provide mentoring sessions on topics that will help pastors, church leaders, and workers preach and teach the Gospel, and serve the Lord in our churches in Gospel-centered ways.

This month, our focus will be on BIBLICAL THEOLOGY and how the whole of the Bible tells one whole story about the glory of God in the Gospel.

The mentoring session will take place on August 1, Saturday, from 10AM to 12 NOON over the ZOOM platform.

Our 2 sessions for the day will be as follows:

1. What is Biblical Theology? (Pastor Jerome Ocampo of Muntinlupa Baptist Church)

2. How Biblical Theology Shapes our Teaching and Mission (Pastor Uziel Idurot of One Body Christian Ministries)

If you want to register for the ZOOM session, please send a message to Katherine Paalan Hofileña. This is a FREE event, no registration fee required! We will also be simulcasting the mentoring session via FB Live or Youtube.