Fighting Spiritual Complacency

In this season of pandemic, we are blessed by God with technology so that we are still able to provide ways to equip pastors, church leaders, and young professionals.

JOIN US this May 30 for our first online mentoring session, where we discuss “GOSPEL REMEDIES and RESOURCES for FIGHTING SPIRITUAL COMPLACENCY”.

The time of quarantine and “new normal” may have lulled us into a sense of being complacent about our faith, discipleship, and personal holiness. Pastor David Crim will guide us in 2 sessions, discussing how the Gospel empowers us to fight complacency in this season of our lives.

WHAT: [ONLINE MENTORING] Gospel Remedies and Resources for Fighting Spiritual Complacency

WHEN: May 30, 2020 – Saturday – 10AM to 12 NOON [Manila Time]

SPEAKER: Pastor David Crim, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church of Manila

WHERE: We will have limited slots for the ZOOM session (around 75 to 80 people), and then the ZOOM session will also be broadcast over the iDISCIPLE Facebook page live, so more people can join and learn.

REGISTER FOR THE ZOOM session: There will be limited slots. Please send a message to Kali Hofileña to register. It will be on a first come-first served basis. If you can’t get on the ZOOM session, you can catch the FB Live session on this page.

See you on May 30th!