Humble Calvinism

These days, we know that Calvinism has an image problem. The term “Calvinist” has been stereotyped with argumentative, know-it-all, arrogant, ungracious, and unloving men and women. Somehow Calvin’s “doctrines of grace” often do not equate to believers of these doctrines who are actually gracious.

Join us this October 9th, Friday, from 8:00PM to 10:30PM as we have invited author — and self-confessed recovering, cranky Calvinist — Jeff Medders, and hear him talk about his book “Humble Calvinism”.

We will have more information about the sessions on that night as we near the date, but we are excited to have him talk to us about how the doctrines of Calvinism should penetrate the heart of those who believe in it, and not just the head.

WHAT: Humble Calvinism (iDISCIPLE Online Mentoring Session, October)
WHEN: October 9, FRIDAY, 8PM to 1030PM
SPEAKER: Jeff Medders, author of the book Humble Calvinism
WHO CAN ATTEND? Of course, this session is for those who want to learn more about the biblical doctrines of grace. But even if you are not a self-confessed “Calvinist”, we encourage you to attend and learn.
HOW TO REGISTER: We are now using Google Forms for registration. Please click the link below, and PROVIDE ALL THE INFORMATION NEEDED, as clear and proper as possible. Thanks!


See you in October!