Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in my registration fee?
    • The fee includes access to the plenary sessions, selected breakout sessions, and conference facilities. However, it does not include accommodation and meals.
  2. Who do I contact to book my accommodation and meals?
  3. Who can join the conference? Is there an age limit?
    • We highly encourage church members (from young adults to seniors, both men and women) and church pastors and leaders to join this conference.
  4. Can I reserve slots then pay later on?
    • You may register and settle your conference fee within the set deadline to keep your slot. If payment is not received on or before the corresponding deadline, your reservation for the conference will be changed to the next registration rate.
  5. Is my registration refundable or transferable?
    • The conference fee may not be refunded once paid but may be transferred for use by another participant.
  6. Is bringing of outside food allowed?
    • Yes, you may bring in food from outside of PBTS. Meals, snacks, and drinks are also available at the PBTS cafe and canteen until evening.
  7. Will there be booths in the conference? Am I allowed to sell merchandise and items?
    • At the moment, booths are not available. We will let you know once this becomes available.
  8. Are the other amenities within PBTS available for use?
    • Please approach the PBTS admin if there are other venue amenities you would like to have access to. Those with additional charges will not be covered by the conference organizer and must be shouldered by the user. Usage of these amenities during plenaries or breakout sessions is discouraged.
  9. Will participants be allowed to go outside the vicinity of PBTS?
    • Yes, but please make sure to follow the program schedule of the conference and observe the rules of the venue.
  10. What should I bring?
    • Please bring your bible, materials or gadgets for note-taking, clothing for 3 days and 2 nights appropriate for cold weather, toiletries, and other essentials such as water tumbler, medicines, and pocket money.