John Hofilena

John serves as Lead Pastor at Redeemer Christian Church Manila, a new church plant in the city of Manila that grew out of the desire to preach the Gospel clearly to the city. RCCM ministers mostly to college students, a growing group of young professionals, and young adults with new families. John is married to Kali, and they have been together for over 10 years now. They are both passionate about disciple-making and Gospel-centered ministry, and they both serve in the iDISCIPLE Philippines directional team together. John is currently on leave from seminary, but he plans to eventually finish his program of Master in Divinity in Pastoral Studies. John also does part-time freelance work writing content for websites, marketing materials, and various online writing jobs.

Do Not Hate Good Theology

For a church that may be just discovering deeper doctrine and theology, this may create a lot tension to the people who are naturally entrenched in traditions and teachings that they have gotten used to. But biblical truths are like this by nature — they create tension in churches where biblical truth have not been …

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A Correct Application of Reformed Theology in Missions and Evangelism

One of the common stigmas attached to those who believe in Reformed theology is their supposed unwillingness to do evangelism and missions. This is — again, supposedly — due to their belief in the doctrine of unconditional election and limited atonement which puts the salvation of a sinner solely in the hands of God who …

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