Humble Calvinism

These days, we know that Calvinism has an image problem. The term “Calvinist” has been stereotyped with argumentative, know-it-all, arrogant, ungracious, and unloving men and women. Somehow Calvin’s “doctrines of grace” often do not equate to believers of these doctrines who are actually gracious. Join us this October 9th, Friday, from 8:00PM to 10:30PM as […]

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Cultivating Gospel Doctrine

We’re glad to be able to host monthly online mentoring sessions for the equipping of local churches and church leaders in the Philippines and abroad. This September, we will discuss “Cultivating Gospel Doctrine and Culture in the Local Church” — which will discuss the two main divisions of 9Marks’ “The Gospel” book, from the Building

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Gospel Awakening

We invite you to a come to our two-day conference for pastors and church leaders on October 30-31 at International Baptist Church of Manila in Makati. This year’s theme is “Gospel Awakening: An Urgent Call for the Church to Put the Gospel Back at the Center of Life and Ministry.” In many churches today, the message of the

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